Behind Oakie

Oakie is independently owned and based in northern NSW.
Oakie wants to give back and this is our little way of saying a simple thank you to our generous Earth for giving us much in return. It's a win for all being better for you, your skin, whilst being eco-friendly, cruelty free and affordable.
We personally seek the materials in their rawest forms to provide you with 100% pure linens, organic cottons, hemps and all other earth grown materials. When our fibres are coloured its done with botanical ingredients, such as vegetables, flowers, fruits and so on. Once we're happy with it, it’s personally passed onto our lovely sewers who start the next chapter of Oakie's slow process.
From Oakie's fibres, the manufacturing and our shipments, every step of Oakie is thoughtful. Our shipments are UPS carbon neutral requested meaning our postage service also cares about the climate change and supports projects that offset the emissions of the shipment's transport.
Our aim is to pass as much awareness onto generations for what it really means to wear sustainably, ethically and cruelty free. Oakie or any ethically made brand for that matter isn't just about a fashion statement, it's kind, clever and helpful on the planet. When it comes down to it Earth is our only resource, where would you be without it?

Join the Oakie family..

We believe the biggest smiles live a simplistic and natural life. Oakie wants to encourage the same for you, wake up earlier, enjoy the sunrise, adventure & appreciate the little things.
Fast fashion? Nooo thank you! We are as slow and thoughtful, we take our time and we are all about that forever quality vibe.
With our contrasts of warm & earthy tones combined with our purely raw, unique & edgy creations, let Oakie style you & live the Oakie styles!