Sustainability & Ethics

hello oakie folk

How pleased we are to see you reading up about our ethics and sustainability. The fact that you’ve found your way here shows you care, about the planet and where your money goes and so you should. In a world where consumers are faced with so much option, it’s important to know where you're putting your hard earned dollars. Its so important to do your research and by supporting businesses that do their best to create a greener world means supporting a cleaner future. Money is an exchange of energy and by putting your energy in the right places can create a revolution.
We’re constantly taking steps to improve our environmental and ethical processes. Oakie strives to be as eco-friendly as possible, from our fabrics, our people, our eco-packaging and carbon neutral shipments, we thrive to support only those who believe in the similar processes. We want to build as much awareness towards sustainability and ethical morals so its easily understood that it becomes the norm, sweat factories and toxic landfill in exchange for profit should have never been recognised as normal.
Our morals will never change, this is Oakie.
For more in-depth information on our carbon neutral shipments and natural fibres please review their designated links via our menu.