Clothing care:

We suggest using natural clothing detergents/ powders to prevent any harsh chemicals from entering your 100% natural garment. We recommend a gentle hand wash/ soak in cold to warm water. Dry in shaded area to avoid your botanical dyes from disfiguring or raw fibres from shrinkage.



Being sustainable and vegan our fabrics are carefully selected. Avoiding any animal products and synthetic fabrics Oakie only uses natural fibres from linens, cottons, hemp, bamboo to any other land grown fibres.



Oakie's sustainable materials are then taken to be botanically dyed from resources such as leaves, plants, fruits and vegetables ect - The ingredients depend on the selected colour.



Oakie is family and we believe everyone to be treated as we would like to be treated. Our sewers are and always will be paid well, work fair hours and have a happy and healthy working environment. As you know we are a slow business therefore getting small consumptions carefully sewn at a time - We have a close connection with our small team of sewers and wish to continue that for years to come.


Is Oakie Vegan:

Yes, Oakie is proudly vegan therefore zero animals products - as many of you may or may not know, majority of animal used fibres are also sustainable however Oakie does not approve in animals being harmed for human clothing. 


Where is Oakie designed/ made:

Oakie is designed and based in South Queensland, Australia. Oakie is made and dyed on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.